Bora Kozanoglu Surf Center

Having been offering service in Alaçatı since 1990, Bora Kozanoglu Windsurf School now renders service for both domestic and foreign customers. Advanced courses are offered for windsurfers who would like to improve their technique as well as beginner-level package courses. School also rents equipment. You are advised to pre-order your demands for rental equipment via telephone or e-mail in high season.

Now it is easier to learn how to windsurf and to improve it thanks to “rapid windsurf learning techniques” developed by World and Turkey’s champion Bora Kozanoğlu with the state-of-the-art equipment in our facility for 12 months a year!

You will receive updated news about new place of Bora Kozanoglu Windsurf School on this website.

In our country surrounded by sea on three sides, it is one of our most important missions to make this amazing sport appealing for everyone of all ages and to ensure that becomes a life style for the students.

Here are the key points with respect to the school founded by Vice World Champion Bora Kozanoğlu in Alaçatı and which offers training by experienced windsurf trainers with user-friendly equipment in line with teaching approach and management of Bora Kozanoğlu:

- Our students benefit from the discount in restaurants inside the facility.
- Our students are provided with protection and ensured that they feel self-confident through special windsurf clothes and shoes given to them for Windsurf training.
- Our trainers are accompanied by follow-up and saving boats for training in water.
- Doctors, nurses and all health care services of the facility are always available.
- Our students are motivated through DVD- and CD-aided visual supports.
- The students who complete the training are granted Bora Kozanoğlu Windsurf School Certificate with a ceremony.
Students are trained for two hours each day and the overall training lasts for five days, which equals to ten hours in total. This duration is named as “Basic Training”. At the end of such period, students can easily windsurf by themselves. If they want, students can attend an additional course named as ‘Intermediate Training’ and become competent at more developed techniques. 

The state-of-the-art rental equipment and materials of all sizes are also available in our school.
Our Windsurf Garage also offers service for 12 months like our school and if they want, our customers can confidently leave their equipment in our garage. 

See you on windy days.